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Social impact

At tech & teach, we aim to make our educational offerings accessible to everyone, especially disadvantaged groups. We therefore work with charities and educational institutions using the collective impact approach and incorporate integrative aspects into every phase of our work.


Co-creation creates projects that integrate our guiding values of educational justice and equal opportunities. 

Refugees Welcome

We regularly run qualification courses for refugees and support the participants particularly intensively through coaching and integration work. 


In collaboration with AWS, we train Ukrainian newcomers as cloud computing IT specialists, providing them with new perspectives. The course is conducted in English and includes sessions with industry experts and company visits.

Women in Tech

For women, we offer safe spaces in our training programmes, such as with Femme Forward. We cooperate closely with Women in Tech e. V. and advise women on a lateral entry into IT.


Gender-sensitive communication and diverse staffing at all levels of our organisation is a matter of course for us.

Girls in Tech

The proportion of women in Germany's IT sector is around 17%. Alarmingly low! We support the next generation of women at an early stage with educational programs, such as the Girls Coding Club course series. In the Girls Coding Club, girls not only learn programming but also gain insights into diverse technical professions through inspiring female role models.


At tech & teach, we are driven by the belief that every child should have easy access to digital education. To ensure this, we take our projects directly to youth leisure facilities and family gatherings in socio-economically weak neighborhoods. We provide all the necessary hardware equipment and collaborate closely with local social workers, striving to break barriers and make a positive impact on the lives of these children.

Social Inclusion

We engage children with disabilities through creative courses and workshops in special schools. These projects enable quick achievements, building their digital skills and fostering a strong sense of self-efficacy as they independently bring their ideas to life.

We strive to make our work as inclusive as possible and are constantly improving this.

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Our work has an impact. You can find out what drives us, how we work and what we have already achieved with our projects in our impact report.

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