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Digital Worlds

Understanding. Designing. Developing. 

We live in a time characterised by increasing digitalisation, complexity and transformation.

tech & teach teaches future skills so that people can meet these challenges and help shape their future, their environment and the world in a positive and sustainable way.

Future skills for life

tech & teach is an education company with many years of expertise in teaching future skills along the entire educational pathway. We bundle our educational offerings into initiatives for specific target groups or work with partners on a project basis.

Startup Development Team

Digital education belongs in schools, as this is the only way to reach all children. For schools, we offer a comprehensive educational programme: We provide professional development for teachers, supply teaching materials, and work on curriculum development with partner schools.


But students are not overlooked either: Our project days are independent of school type and range from elementary to high school levels.

We're making schools digital.

Teacher tranings and curriculum development


Building robots, programming websites, developing media projects, and so much more... The digital world is diverse and a lot of fun.

Our extracurricular offerings range from short workshops to week-long courses. These programmes are especially aimed at disadvantaged children and girls. All children should develop the skills to shape their own futures.

"I am shaping my future."

Extracurricular projects for children and young people


Digital skills are in demand at almost every workplace. We do not just impart basic IT skills such as programming. With innovative training programmes, we qualify participants for a career change into IT.

For women and disadvantaged groups, we offer special educational formats and pay close attention to the needs of these target groups.

The Future is Tech

IT training and re-skilling programs

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Our initiatives

To address target groups in a needs-based manner, we bundle our educational offerings into initiatives.

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Programming and technology courses for professional development and reskilling programs

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Innovative educational programs for technology-based and contemporary education in schools

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Women in Tech: Training programs for a career or startup in tech


Social Impact

Future Skills for everyone

We aspire to make our educational offerings accessible to everyone, especially disadvantaged groups.

Therefore, we collaborate with welfare organizations and educational providers in the Collective Impact approach, incorporating inclusive aspects in every phase of our work.

Learn more about our social commitment

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