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Coding for Tomorrow

Digital is now

Digital skills are among the key skills of the 21st century and must be taught to children. So for every child to grow into a digitally confident person,
schools must teach these skills.

Digital schools

Coding For Tomorrow teaches students and teachers how to use digital technologies independently, creatively and critically. We bring our educational program to schools so that all children can develop digital skills. 

Our educational program includes teacher training, lesson development and material as well as project days for school classes. 


The rapid digitization continually brings forth new topics that teachers need to keep up with, and which children and adolescents encounter online. Therefore, our educational team continuously develops new concepts to ensure that we can provide schools with up-to-date knowledge.

Education for sustainable development

Projects that address the topics of digital education and sustainable development together

Algorithmic thinking

Understanding the logic of algorithms and developing project-based algorithms, for example through game development

Digital opinion forming

Recognizing fake news and disinformation, countering hate speech and finding your own voice online

Artificial Intelligence

Understand, apply and train artificial intelligence in projects such as chatbot development

Physical Computing

Connecting virtual applications with the physical world, for example in robotics projects

Data Literacy

Use illustrative examples to recognize how data is collected and processed online

"What do I need to know in the future?"

At Coding For Tomorrow we teach 21st century skills. In addition to technological skills such as programming, robotics and basic digital skills such as digital literacy and digital media competence, we also teach classic skills. Our courses promote problem-solving skills, creativity, adaptability and collaboration.


Expertise in the network

The Coding For Tomorrow initiative is funded by the Vodafone Foundation Germany. In close collaboration with the foundation's think tank, new teaching formats are being developed that reflect the study results on current educationally relevant topics. 

The initiative operates throughout Germany and has its central location in Düsseldorf, where the hub for digital education is also located.




Our projects are funded as part of the REACT-EU program. Coding for Tomorrow uses the program's funds to create hardware for educational offers in the Hub for Digital Education and gives children and young people access to technology and digital media. We support children and young people in expanding their digital skills so that they can better understand, participate in and help shape the digital world as responsible users.

With REACT-EU, the European Union is helping to mitigate the economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe.

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