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educational equality
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Whether pupils at special schools, refugees or children from socio-economically disadvantaged families: they all have the right to help shape the future."

Güncem Campagna und Marc Bertram

Managing directors tech & teach

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We are working to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization. You can support our work.

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Our projects

We have carried out many successful projects over the years. Some schools have grown close to our hearts and some projects are helping us to realize our vision of equal opportunities for everyone.

We would like to continue particularly successful projects in the long term, and we need your support to do so!

Media projects at special-needs schools in Cologne


Every child should discover digital worlds and develop future skills through play. For children in special-needs schools, this is not so easy, because existing teaching concepts have to be adapted to the support needs. We do this with great success, for example at the Bremstraße special-needs school in Cologne. 

Digital projects in particular increase self-efficacy, because the children can make full use of their strengths, such as creativity or spatial imagination, and any learning difficulties fade into the background.

➞ Enable more special-needs school projects in Cologne now


"When I first met a student on the autism spectrum, he hardly spoke and was often alone. Now he is surrounded by his classmates who celebrate him for his self-programmed games and he is coming out of his shell. He even dares to present his work in front of the whole class."

Anne Maria Guder

Trainerin bei Tech and Teach


Girls Coding Club Düsseldorf

Of course girls can programme! Just being together among other girls and discovering how much fun technology and coding is. In this format, participants learn programming with creative projects and get to know female role models.

The next generation of Women in Tech meets in the Girls Coding Club.

➞ Support the next generation for more diversity in tech

Achieving more together

tech & teach works in a network with strong partners.

Together with them, we shape change in a fair and sustainable way. 

We would like to thank our funding partners, supporters and cooperation partners.

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