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Women in Tech

Programmes for a re-start in Tech
Women are significantly underrepresented in the IT and digital sector. We use targeted measures and programmes to train women and qualify them for a career in IT. 

Get in Tech: Our training programs

With targeted training and programmes, we educate interested women and career changers and make them fit for a career in tech. No matter whether you want to start your tech career or found your tech start-up: We have the right training programme for you.

Learn digital skills in live online sessions in the Safe Space, be inspired by experts and expand your network in the Community Space.

Our training programmes
Young Businesswomen
Femme Forward
Startup Founders

An eight-week programme with workshops, talks and events for female startup founders

Fist Bump
Femme Forward
Tech Careers

A twelve-week training programme for women who want to get started in cloud computing

Tyiping on laptop
Future Women in Tech

Workshops, counselling and lectures for women in Dortmund who are interested in jobs in IT

Femme Forward

Femme Forward is an EU-funded Erasmus+ project with a consortium of 15 partners from industry, technology and education from all over Europe. tech & teach is the programme manager for Germany. 

Future Women in Tech Dortmund

Future Women in Tech Dortmund is an educational and counselling programme aimed in particular at women with a history of migration and/or refugee experience. The programme is run with the kind support of the Postcode Lottery

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