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For a better world,
that everyone can help shape

Competent, innovative, diverse, and value-oriented: these are the qualities that define tech & teach and its initiatives. With our work, we make a valuable contribution to promoting educational equity and equal opportunities.


We impart knowledge, skills, and values to enable individuals to positively and sustainably shape their future, their environment, and the world.


In the development and design of our concepts, we align with the elements of the OECD Learning Compass and the competency models based on it.

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In developing and designing our concepts, we are guided by the elements of the OECD Learning Compass and competency models based on it.

Our attitude and values are guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and are reflected in our daily work. 

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Our Values

We offer freedom for creativity and innovation and create inspiring learning moments. 

We create a learning environment in which participants approach new topics with creativity and enthusiasm and are not afraid of making mistakes. 

We take responsibility and contribute to the sustainability goals through our work.

We give people skills to act so that they can use them for the well-being and sustainability of themselves, others and the entire planet.

We promote diversity, equal opportunities, inclusion and belonging.

We actively approach disadvantaged groups of people and create an environment in which everyone can contribute according to their own needs and abilities. 

Our community is characterized by trust. We treat every person with respect and empathy.

Our performance is a team effort and we are committed to our values together. We believe in the equality of all people and treat them with respect.

The idea

tech & teach was born in 2016 from the idea of teaching technical skills to girls and socio-economically disadvantaged people in order to contribute to more educational justice and equal opportunities.

Originally started under the name Codingschule, we have constantly developed over the years and reach more people every year.

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The Team

The tech & teach team is diverse in every aspect. Experts from science, teaching, IT, and individuals who have switched careers from various sectors contribute their knowledge, experience, and expertise on a daily basis.

Together, we share the desire to provide people with access to the digital world through our work and to offer new perspectives, thereby making the world a little fairer.

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